A universal entry point in forex

Universal Entry Point In Forex

Today we will get acquainted with the Sniper Pro strategy pattern . The uniqueness of today’s design is that, according to statistics, the probability of its development exceeds 90%. We will also touch on the issue of complex analysis of the chart on different timeframes.

How the universal entry point is formed

The model is included in the strategy Sniper Pro. With this trading system:

  • the trader does not trade at random, standard, well-known techniques are not used. The strategy gives an understanding of the interest of a major player, we move in its channel and are guaranteed to make a profit;
  • no indicators are needed – this increases the stability of the trading system at a distance;
  • you don’t need to learn dozens of super complex patterns. It took years to develop the strategy, but all this experience was able to fit into a concise training course. There is no “water”, only specifics, only real trading rules.

Let’s get back to today’s topic. The essence of the universal entry point boils down to 2 elements:

  • an impulse breaking through the retraction zone in the direction of the previous movement;
  • reversal and momentum in the opposite direction, it absorbs the first movement. After the reversal, we are waiting for a correction to the level (based on the base of the first impulse) or to the border of the retraction area, and you can enter the market.

When fixing profits at a universal entry point, I also recommend taking into account the position of intermediate levels. On the way to the global goal, close part of the profit on them and move the stop to breakeven.

Example of trading with a win rate of 99%

On the market segment on the history, we will analyze the order of the trader’s actions when working with the Sniper Pro strategy. You must do the same if you want to make money. Any movement can be disassembled by this logic. Losses in this case are very rare, the filters of the Sniper Pro strategy simply prevent you from making mistakes. Beginners can make mistakes at first, but even so, the win rate usually does not fall below 70-80%. Traders with experience consistently close 9 out of 10 deals with a plus. It is simply impossible to drain the deposit with such a trade.

Application of the universal pattern Sniper Pro on the MICEX

Application of the universal pattern Sniper Pro on the MICEX

The good thing about the universal pattern is that it is not tied to one market. This pattern is formed both on the EURUSD chart, on the cryptocurrency market, and on the Gazprom stock futures chart. This allows you to use it, including in the work on the Moscow Exchange.

The volume is gaining in the un-trading zone. Our task is not to enter the market together with a crowd of traders, but to wait for the direction of movement that the market maker chooses and trade in accordance with it.

The recommended timeframes depend on the trading style:

  • medium term – М15-Н1;
  • intraday – M1-M5. However, it is better for beginners not to trade on minute charts – there may be a difference in quotes of several points, on this time interval even such a difference affects the chart layout.

Otherwise, the universal pattern has no limitations. Conveniently, you can work with pending orders. Most of you will combine trading with your main job, pending orders solve the problem of missed entry points.

How to start correctly

The optimal scenario for newcomers to the Moscow Exchange is to adopt the experience of a trader with many years of experience. You have such an opportunity, on December 9 my course on trading on the MICEX starts, I have been working in the stock market for more than 9 years and will share my trading methodology as part of my training.

Within the training:

  • Let’s analyze the FORTS market in detail;
  • we will study the features of working with futures, the classification of this type of contracts, their advantages and disadvantages;
  • we will master the QUIK platform, prepare the terminal for work;
  • we will analyze the methods of opening deals in Quick (there are more different types of orders in the stock market than in Forex), we will optimize the working space in the platform;
  • learn how to build ranges and highlight decision-making zones for the Sniper Pro strategy;
  • practice under my supervision is provided;
  • we will study the reversal structure, methods of position tracking, money management rules;
  • Let’s master pyramiding – an overclocking technique. We will also analyze the features of the movement of charts on Wednesday and Thursday.

Theory apart from practice will not bring success, therefore, in training, the emphasis is placed precisely on consolidating the practical skills of market analysis. There will be homework with subsequent work on mistakes, and online work under my control.

In addition to the high win rate, the advantage of the strategy is that it does not use indicators. Trading is conducted taking into account the mood of the crowd and market makers, you will be able to work in the same direction as a major player.