HAN Expert Advisor - Heiken Ashi Naive Trading

HAN Expert Advisor – Heiken Ashi Naive Trading

Today, the focus is on an exotic robot trading according to the signals of the Heiken Ashi Naive indicator. The EA shows good results in the tester, the optimization also had a positive effect, so I decided to tell you more about it. Below is a description of the work algorithm, tests and recommendations for work.

How the HAN Expert Advisor trades

The main indicator, according to the signals of which the advisor determines the entry points – Heiken Ashi, only the last 2 candles are taken into account. HAN rarely trades, it is interested in areas with a sharp increase in volatility, on impulse movements the EA places 3 pending orders and takes a small profit in points.

This is compensated by a large volume: 1 deal can be 30-50 or more standard lots. As a result, a profit of 5-15 points will give an increase in the deposit by $ 4000- $ 5000. Trades are held open for short periods of time. Sometimes, within 10-20 seconds, the advisor manages to place a pending order, wait for its execution, move the stop after the price a couple of times and fix the profit.

Moving averages, the envelope indicator and Bollinger bands are used as additional filters.

We recommend trading with a leverage of 1 to 500. The EA works with large lots, and a large leverage allows you to slightly reduce the load on the deposit – you will need a smaller margin for transactions.

HAN advisor settings

HAN advisor settings

There are a lot of parameters. The author does not provide a detailed explanation of each of them; the purpose of some of the settings remains unclear. Below is a description of the main parameters:

  • ECN Mode – it makes sense to activate only on ECN accounts;
  • Money Manager – activation of built-in money management. When MM is disabled, trading is carried out with a static lot;
  • Risk – the risk of a trade;
  • Manual Lot, Min and Max Lot – a manually set lot, as well as the minimum and maximum allowable trade volume for a dynamic lot;
  • Stop Loss, Take Profit – stop and take are set in points, but more often positions are closed by trailing stop. TP is deliberately set large so that there is a chance to catch a strong impulse movement;
  • Max Spread, Slippage – limit on the allowable spread and slippage;
  • Magic – a number assigned to orders of this robot;
  • Trailing – activation of a trailing stop;
  • Trailing start – how many points the chart must traverse in a profitable direction for the trailing stop to be activated;
  • Trailing Distance – at what distance the stop loss is moved after the price;
  • Trailing Step – the step with which the stop is moved following the chart. Trawl parameters are configured separately for each of the 3 orders;
  • Use Indicator – the required indicator is specified by the number. The following is a block of settings for each of them. You can configure the type of price at which the indicator readings are calculated and its period.

Volatility parameters can be left unchanged. If you wish, you can take the average daily volatility for the asset you are interested in and specify it in the Volatility Limit field. The EA will trade only if the volatility of the currency pair exceeds this value.

Test results

The network has several options for setting sets. The test will be carried out with a set of settings for GBPUSD under the M5 timeframe. No deals were made with the same settings on NZDUSD. This proves that there is no universal set for all currency pairs. The robot will have to be optimized separately for each tool. When trying to improve, work with the parameters of the filter indicators. You can also experiment with the trailing stop. Pay attention to the working volume. In the reports shown, at the end of the test period, the volume reached a maximum of 200 lots. For example, in USDJPY, one profitable trade in January 2019 brought in a profit of $ 50503.15. The drawdown in the tester is small, but in real trading it is higher. At the moment, it can reach 20-25%.

The HAN Expert Advisor uses a somewhat non-standard approach to working with impulse movements. The robot stands out primarily for its aggressive approach to trading – it comes in with a large volume and in one deal can increase the initial capital by more than 100%. Despite the good results in the tester, I do not recommend placing it on a regular trading account right away. Considering the volumes and associated risks, it is better to open a separate cent account for HAN – this will give the required room for maneuver, and the advisor will not drain the deposit.

The advisor and sets for it can be obtained absolutely free. Anyone can follow the link below and receive a set of 5 free and ready-to-use advisors. The advantage of this portfolio is that we’ve already done the optimization for you – you don’t need to spend hundreds of hours looking for working sets of settings.